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Exterior Window Cleaning
Our 4 stage water purification system removes all dissolved solids from the water, so that we can leave your windows with a clean, streak free finish, and our 50ft extendable pole allows us to get those hard to reach windows you never thought you could get clean! Book today and see the difference a Premier window cleaning can make for your home. 
Interior Window Cleaning
We like to clean interior windows the good ol’ fashioned way, with a soapy applicator and squeegees! First we scrub the entire window with a soap covered, microfiber applicator. Then we squeegee off all of the excess water and soap. After that we inspect the window and use super fine, AAAA grade steel wool to remove any leftover blemishes, so that we can leave your windows so clear it looks like there’s nothing there.

Screens and Tracks Cleaning
Are you tired of dusty screens and dirty tracks? Don’t feel like going around to every window to pull out the screen and wash it? In addition to our exceptional window cleaning, we also wash screens and tracks! We’ll remove all of your screens for you, thoroughly clean each screen, window frame, and track, and carefully reinstall them afterwards. 

Check Out Our Other Services

Premier House Detailing specializes in interior window cleaning, exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power washing, surface washing, roof cleaning and holiday light installation. Get your FREE quote today and see the difference PREMIER has to offer. 

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